Casa sull'Albero

Casa sull'Albero

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Creative cuisine and gourmet pizza
with the most beautiful view of the lake


The Ristorante Da Giovannino, located on the lakefront in Malgrate, offers a splendid view during every season. Listed in the first Michelin Red Guide in 1956, the restaurant looks out over the lake through a large window that presents guests with a unique, unparalleled panorama every day.
Summer means enjoying meals outside on the terrace, furnished with design pieces that create an elegant, convivial atmosphere. The kitchen is managed by Chef Alessio Limonta, with an external contribution from the Executive Chef Angelo Biscotti (a member of Euro-Toques Italia).

Under their guidance, a team of excellent professional cooks prepare a creative menu of dishes that offer new experiences and tastes. Nothing is left to chance, and guests can enjoy seasonal foods, always with a preference for choice local products.

In addition to its traditional cuisine, Ristorante Da Giovannino also offers gourmet pizza, supervised by Salvatore Pisano: a selection of eight pizzas prepared with special care in both the choice of toppings and ingredients, and the actual preparation and cooking processes.

The restaurant is only a 5-minute walk from Casa sull’Albero through the town’s ancient nucleus.

Taking a break from everyday life at Casa sull’Albero eliminates negative energy

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Studio Suite Lake View

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