Casa sull’Albero, the Lake and the Stars

tourism and fine dining

A multisensory experience to enchant the eyes and seduce the palate: after the star-studded street food event “Lecco, the Lake and the Stars” held on 11th September last, a special collaboration has begun between La Casa sull’Albero– the ecosustainable design accommodation overlooking the loveliest view of the lake – and GB Giovanna Bettega – provider of services and ideas in the food and tourism sector.

CASA SULL’ ALBERO, THE LAKE AND THE STARS is the name of this project to highlight the resources around the lake and create value based on the natural combination of tourism and fine dining. After the tastings during the street food event, La Casa sull’Albero will be offering exclusive proposals for a gourmet experience to its Italian and international guests. For a period of 3 months from 1st November 2015, dinner for two will be offered in one of the restaurants of the chefs who took part in the street food festival.

The menus will vary according to the season: autumn, winter, spring and summer, each month an opportunity to explore the colours and flavours nature offers. Each chef will draw up a three course menu for “La Casa sull’Albero, the lake and the stars” with two glasses of wine chosen by the sommelier to accompany the dishes. Consult the seasonal menus on the websites e

The chefs and their restaurants:
Mauro Elli | Ristorante Il Cantuccio, Albavilla (CO)
Fabrizio Ferrari | Ristorante Il Porticciolo 84, Lecco (LC)
Giancarlo Morelli | Ristorante Pomiroeu, Seregno (MB)
THEO PENATI, Pierino Penati|, Viganò (LC)
Ha partecipato alla serata anche lo chef Claudio Prandi che ha dedicato molti anni della sua carriera al ristorante hotel Griso di Lecco.

Lecco and its lake
La Casa sull’Albero is the ideal place to escape from the daily grind and immerse yourself in natural surroundings with a spectacular view of the lake and mountains. Large glass walls are the perfect frame for the historic gardens. A romantic cameo of the area.

Prices valid until 22nd March 2016
Room Garden View: euro 299,00
Room Lake View: euro 345,00
Studio Suite Garden View: euro 375,00
Studio Suite Lake View: euro 435,00

The offer includes:
. One-night stay for two people in La Casa sull’Albero
. Welcome gift
. Continental breakfast
. Dinner in one of the restaurants of the star chefs with a specially designed menuMENU


Book the gourmet package on the website, or write directly to or